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Secure transactions and smooth checkout on global payouts.

Our payments transactions are not restricted by territories. Go global with our payment transaction and enjoy secure payout and smooth checkouts. Go ahead and earn monthly returns on investments.


ATM Dollars allows you to transact breaking geographical barriers. We offer cutting edge services for a safe and secure transaction providing comprehensive global payment solutions. ATM Dollar presents the opportunity to transact in US dollars. Payment transactions like money transfer, sending and receiving payments are simplified. A recipient need to be registered with ATM Dollar to receive payment. Now, enable international payments at the swipe of your smartphone or at the click of the mouse. We assure fast and secure checkouts for every transaction. Each transaction is charged at 0.005%. Standard Banking and Gateway charges are applicable to send and receive funds.

Quick fund upload

Fund withdrawal to Bank

Transferring money to corporate

Capital withdrawal from Cash Wallet

For instance, to transfer USD$1000 it is mandatory to have USD$1005 in your account including the transaction fee. Insufficient balance would mean rejection of a transaction.Integrated Investments

ATM Dollar works as an integrated online investment payment gateway. Investment transactions across the globe can be facilitated at lesser cost and lower risks through our services. The investment process can be simplified for Forex brokers, investment traders, foreign direct investors and international traders. Reap twice the benefit with our investment program.

For every investment receive monthly returns of 0.5% as interest since the time of investment. Each investment is marked as a separate transaction. The interest is deposited in the registered bank account of the user. Receive snapshots of every investment transaction.